Rap Guide to Evolution

Baba Speaks

This presentation, entitled “Rap Guide To Evolution”   was performed with great entrain by a man with a master’s degree in English, presented only as “Baba”. He calls himself a rap troubadour, and he got his start by rapping Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”. He was discovered by a scientist with an interest in entertaining education proposed that Baba write a show about Darwin’s theory of evolution, for a celebration in honor of Darwin’s 200th birthday. The show obviously was a success, and now he performs it on tour in several countries.

The thesis statement of this event is clear: Darwin was right. He has these words written in bold letters, projected onto the wall behind him, along with quotes by Darwin himself, taken from “The Evolution of Species” and read by a recording of a man with a british accent. The show starts off with Baba rapping something along the lines of: “Darwin’s got it going on, creationism is dead wrong!” to a rap beat in the background.

The performance is divided into several sections,   which have more or less the same formula. First, a certain aspect of the theory of evolution is introduced. He explains it, maybe throws in some statistics, usually adds a little something personal about his own experiences/ background,   and then, he likens the theory to rap music. Cleverly, might it be added. This parallel is then followed, nay, proven, by the performance of an existing gangsta rap song that Baba leaves intact the title of, and remixes into some rhymes about what was just said, using quotes by Darwin, and how it interweaves with our modern society.

The first section is about artificial and natural selection, explaining how breeders choose to breed the animals with the traits that they like , to make all their animals genetically predisposed to those particular traits. This is artificial selection.   Natural selection is

In general the act is quite interesting. Albeit being a little bit too white for the rap profession,...