How has Williams created a sense of Mitch’s character
Mitch is a shy gentleman. He is an imposing physical sample, extremely built and powerful, but he is also an extremely sensitive and sympathetic man. Mitch’s mother is dying and   the other boys refer to him as a “Mommy’s boy”, as he is quite old and still lives with his mum as he is very caring and wants to look after her the best that he can. Mitch is attracted to Blanche the first time he sees her. He is lonely and likes Blanche from the moment he sees her standing outside the bathroom. Mitch is shy in front of Blanche; this is shown when he comes out of the bathroom and forgets to leave the towel behind and turns back with an embarrassed laugh and hands it to Stella. Mitch is a decent man and only wants to settle down with one woman that he really loves.
Mitch is a gentleman and speaks with respect to Blanche. He likes to tell people things and listen to what they have to say. He is self conscious; this is shown when he says to Blanche, “Can I – uh – kiss you – goodnight?” He does this because he doesn’t want to offend her in any way although Blanche wants him to kiss her. He doesn’t understand how to flirt with someone, when Blanche flirts with Mitch he doesn’t know what to say or how to say it. Mitch cannot lie as he is a truthful person. When Blanche laughs at him when he says something he gets offended because she is laughing at him and when she speaks in French to him about romantic things he gets embarrassed as he doesn’t understand what she is saying. He is confused as she lets him kiss her and then when he tries to touch her, she slaps him. Blanche is very flirtatious towards Mitch and when he doesn’t flirt back she gets the idea that he is inexperienced and very shy when it comes to talking to women. Blanche lies to Mitch about her age as she thinks that he will not like her anymore and will think that she is old. Blanche is in fact 5 years older than Stella but tells him that Stella is her...