Racial Discrimination in Malaysia

Racial Discrimination in Malaysia
Executive Summary
The following paper is written to discuss about prejudice and discrimination that is ongoing in Malaysia. The practice of racial discrimination towards the minorities, which were the non bumi putras’ mainly the Chinese and the Indians since the 1950’s following the commission of the Constitution of Malaysia under Article 153. This paper will highlight the reality of such practices of legalized discrimination , the effects of discrimination as well as theoretical solutions to address it.

Legalized Discrimination
An unjust practice or simply known as discrimination has plagued the human race since the beginning of mankind. Discrimination is merely   a judgment or a perceived opinion of a person towards another without rightful justification and proof about differences that one sees in another as compared to them. Intentional or not, some has just grown into discriminating others due to the fact of their upbringing and the ethnicity they belong to. One may deem that discrimination is harmless, the fact is, the word discrimination   as compared to stereotyping or even prejudice, leads to violence , provocation and negative effects to individuals and communities.
‘Legalized discrimination?’ No one in their right mind would ever think that discrimination is legal in any society , but in reality countries for example, Malaysia has been operating in this manner for the past 54 years. The oppression against races whom are the minorities mainly the Chinese (23% of the population) and   Indians (7% of the population)   are practically ongoing whether is it in school (education), at work (job opportunities), buying a home (financing) and more. People in the country are not judge based on their ability to work, their ability to pay bills, their ability to be scholars, they are judged based on the colour of their skin and their religion. No matter how far non-malays progresses or even how good they are, when your second...