Questions for Evergreen Memories Business Case

3) Evaluate the Business Plan.
Overall Heather has done an excellent job putting together the business plan.   It is straightforward, easy to follow and makes lots of sense.   Her marketing strategy is clear and her plan of action for getting this business off the ground seems very logical and well thought out.
Let’s   look at the plan in more detail:
Executive Summary:
Heather does a good job of leveraging the momentum she has already made in regards to getting this business off the ground.   She lets you know right off the bat that has incorporated, found a workspace, started designing, reserved production capacity and hired an employee.   Investors reading this plan will know that she is serious and that this business is going to happen.
In simple terms she states the concept of the company and then points to her education and work background in order to establish credibility.
Again here she is clear and succinct in her intent.   She speaks of an unmet need in the market and establishes herself as an “insider” again highlighting her work experiences which further serves to convince the reader that she is well suited to service this group’s particular needs.  
She describes the key characteristics that define the look and feel of the line and then touches upon how the pieces will be priced and where they will be sold.   She has a particular strategy regarding how the clothes will be merchandised.   She provides enough detail to demonstrate that she has really thought things through strategically without bombarding the reader with too much unnecessary data.   She speaks of market periods explaining there will be 5 collections produced in a year with 30 to 70 pieces in each collection to give a sense of production scale.
Many investors will not know the ins and outs of the fashion market when reading this plan.   But her points are logical and strategic which will illicit confidence in an investor.
Heather does a good job of defining the market....