Question and Answer Session with Mentor

· What would you like to see in your induction to the team?
First and foremost I would like to meet all the team members, and of course the safety procedures i.e. the fire exits. Also the working hours and what shift pattern you work by if any. I would also like to see the policies and procedures you have for the team.   I would like to read the notes thoroughly on the patients I will personally be seeing.
· Have you read anything about this team?
The Continuing Needs Service provides a dedicated rehabilitation service for people with long term psychosis and enduring mental health problems.
It comprises two community teams: the Rehabilitation and Recovery Team and the Assertive Outreach Team.
· What would you hope to learn from your first post as a nurse?
· What skills can you bring to this placement?
Before I left Nursing I worked in community teams and managed Intensive Psychiatric wards. I draw on this experience now I have re-entered Nursing and with the new skills I am learning I feel that with my organised and enthusiastic way of working I can bring a lot to the team.
How would you evaluate your training needs?
Evaluation is a continuous process utilizing peer evaluations, course skills testing and clinical experiences, therefore I would expect continuous feedback on my performance within the team and guidance by my mentor through the objectives I need to fulfil.
· What qualities should a good team player have?
Demonstrates reliability
Good communication skills
Listens actively
Cooperates and works well with others
Commitment to the team
Treats others in a respectful and supportive manner

· How might you educate patients into a healthier way of life?

I would take it slowly and not expect them to change dramatically straight away. Taking into account their emotional, physical and even financial needs I would try to set a plan of care with the patient, which has realistic and attainable goals that they feel they could attain....