Quality Managmenet

GM 588: Quality Management Final Project Febbruary 20, 2010

Verizon Wireless is the organization Darlene will discuss in the final paper.   Verizon Wireless is a leader in providing wireless communications for phone and mobile broadband devices. It is not a publically traded company but a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) and Videophone (NYSE and LSE: VOD). It is headquartered in basking Ridge, N.J and it the most reliable and largest voice and data service provider with 101 million United States customers.
Verizon Wireless services include cell phone service, text messaging, internet access, a navigation program, child tracking product, global and mobile broadband services. The products they sell to provide those services include cell phones, smart phones, net books, mobile broadband cards and most recently the Ipad, Iphone and LTE devices.
Darlene, based on internet research thinks a thinks that a variety of Quality management processes are used at Verizon Wireless. These include Six Sigma, Jurans Quality Trilogy, and ISO 9001. Interviewing Dublin call center director, associate directors and managers revealed that these are not in place for maintain and creating representative troubleshooting guides. Guides are often missing, incorrect or missing information causing representatives to learn by trial and error on a phone call. This causes customer frustration, representative frustration and longer calls times.
Problem Statement
Verizon Wireless has set one of their top priorities to call efficiency and respecting the customer’s time based on customer feedback surveys. They have tightened the amount of time they want the representatives to stay on the phone call but often do not update the troubleshooting guides to reflect these changes.   Often on the first day of a new product launch there is no training on the new product or 15 to 30 minute online trainings that day. The representatives are still expected to assist...