Qualities of a Friend

Qualities of a friend

    Everyday we meet many people. Most of them become instant acquaintances and many acquaintances bloom into friendship. However, few of them will stay a while longer and fewer will still leave footprints in our hearts and in the sands of time.

    What is the meaning of a friend? The definition of a friend varies with each individual. As a teenager like me, a friend is someone who understands me, accepts me for what I am and at the some time who always inspires me to do the best. At a personal level, the qualities of a friend should posses are always forgives my mistakes, not give up on me and never judge me by my actions as sometimes my actions may be rash and inconsiderate.

    Nowadays, we live in a competitive world. Mounting work pressures and demanding family commitments take a toll on our time and energy. A friend is very important because he or she is the person who we seek for a comforting word. Consequently most of us experience mood swings due to the high expectation placed upon us. It is during time like these, when we are burned with responsibilities and life seems to be an endless uphill struggle, a good friend will always be there to lend a helping hand or to lend us a shoulder to cry on.

    Besides that, a friend should be trustworthy and loyal. When friends trust us with secrets, we should never betray their confidence. No one can confide in someone whom he or she cannot trust to keep his secrets. True friendship is demanding. It requires loyalty, trust, empathy, support and understanding. However, one should never expect such virtues in a friend unless he is willing to offer these virtues in returns.

    It may be impossible to find all these virtues in a single friend. However, should I come across such a friend, I shall treasure our friendship for life. Yes, friendship that has stood the test time should be most revered and happy is the man who is blessed with such a friend. Although all of us have family...