Qualitative Methods and Analysis

Unit 1 - Fundamentals of Statistics

This document will study AIU (American Intellectual Union) statistical data practicing one part of qualitative data and one part of quantitative data. It will explain the steps of gaining the outcome and provide the end user in company of visuals that will assist the understanding of the statistical data.

  Descriptive statistics is able to possess countless elements that influence the outcome of a report. Retaining the data coordinated is important to every person. Labeling and classifying the dual forms of descriptive statistics is crucial. Labeling or miscalculate quantitative data is able of changing then consequences. Beneath is a halt of my knowledge of descriptive statistics.
Chosen Variables
  Practicing the statistical data source, the quantitative data I selected is intrinsic and the qualitative data I selected is position. The qualitative data provide 3 scales of work, human supply, data equipment and or knowledge and management. The quantitative data is a dimension or quantity of job satisfaction, number1 as the lowest and 7 as the highest. The intrinsic measurement is in regards the functions of work. I selected these choices because I have performed in all of these places; I was delighted and obtained the main satisfaction out of the management job. It seemed to be the main of demanding and fulfilling.
Difference in variable types
Qualitative data is an identification number provided to recognize explanatory data.   The number provided shows a key that provides the explanatory value. The number for a fact has no numeric value. But, the identification number is practice to measure the way of the explanation. Way or manner/mode is the frequency where a number is performed. Quantitative variables possess genuine numeric value. The numbers performed in quantitative data are able to be measured or similar to measurable data.   In company of this measurable data means,...