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QRB 501
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Descriptive Statistics Paper (revised)

I would recommend increasing our personal services by doing an analysis on the times servers are attempting service.   If servers are making attempts daytime only, I believe incorporating early morning attempts or attempts after 6:00 pm at night when most individuals are home.   I believe this will increase are personal servers and decrease attempts before a paper is served.   In the analysis done, I found a majority of ALS papers were being served on the fourth attempt.   Meaning that most papers are being sub served, someone other than the actual person or persons listed on the document. (ALS, 2011)
ALS having a 50 % service rate is above industry standards.   I recommend ALS goes one-step further and try to reach the 70% range and reducing the attempts to three or less.   A summons and complaint and small claims can be sub-served on the third attempt to anyone over 18 at the residence or place of business. This would reduce ALS amount of times trying to serve a paper.   If papers were served within these standards, the cost of the paper verse expenses would be lower.

Business Action Plan
The first major task # 1.
Review all the times the papers were served in n=40 sample.   Once I have done this I would meet with ALS servers to come up with a game plan were for a trail period doing attempts before 8:00am and after 6:00 pm for a month to see if ALS servers change or stay the same.   I do not think there would be any challenges to face. I will tell the servers what I want to do and they should be able to follow the recommendations.   Especially, after I show them the less attempts to serve papers the more money, goes into their pockets and reduces their expenses.

The second major task # 2.
By introducing, the times of service and having servers concentrate on making personal serves...