Qnt 561 Final Exam Study Guide

QNT 561 Final Exam – Assignment


1. A random sample of size 15 is selected from a normal population. The   population standard deviation is unknown. Assume the null hypothesis indicates a two-tailed test and the researcher decided to use the 0.10 significance level. For what values of t will the null hypothesis not be rejected?

  a) To the left of -1.645 or to the right of 1.645

  b) To the left of -1.345 or to the right of 1.345

  c) Between -1.761 and 1.761

  d) To the left of -1.282 or to the right of 1.282

2. Which of the following is a characteristic of the F distribution?

  a) Normally distributed

  b) Negatively skewed

  c) Equal to the t-distribution

  d) Positively skewed

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3. For a chi-square test involving a contingency table, suppose the null hypothesis is rejected. We conclude that the two variables are __________.

  a) related

  b) curvilinear

  c) linear

  d) not related

4. A sales manager for an advertising agency believes that there is a relationship between the number of contacts that a salesperson makes and the amount of sales dollars earned. What is the dependent variable?

  a) sales managers

  b) amount of sales dollars

  c) salesperson

  d) number of contacts

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5. Which of the following is most appropriately displayed with a frequency table?

  a) What percentage of people prefer Hunt's brand ketchup

  b) The home location of the most valuable customers

  c) How much explanatory value comes from the study's variables

  d) The relationship between gender and job performance

6. The manager of Paul's fruit and vegetable store is considering the purchase     of a new seedless watermelon from a wholesale distributor. Since this seedless watermelon costs $4, will sell for $7, and is highly perishable, he only expects to sell between six and nine of them. What is the opportunity loss for purchasing nine watermelons...