Chauvinism is extreme and unreasoning partisanship representing a group to which one belongs, including malice and hatred towards a rival group. Male chauvinism is an expression used among feminist for powerful men considered to be superior to females and other social classes.

In Pygmalion,   Eliza, a cockney flower girl, was selling flowers in the street when Higgins, a phonetics expert, was noting down her accent as Colonel Pickering, a wealthy   expert in Indian dialect, was watching.

Eliza goes to Higgins' house and asks him to teach her how to speak proper English to become a descent lady and open her own florist shop. The two phoneticians were overwhelmed with the idea and Pickering bet Higgins that he couldn't accomplish this task within six months. Eliza's father Alfred Doolittle, a poor dustman, appears and bargains for some money in return for his daughter's stay in Higgins' house. Higgins agrees and Eliza starts her lessons for the next six months learning about language from Higgins and manners from Pickering who treated her with respect unlike Higgins who always referred to her as his product and his experiment. Eliza proved that she was an intelligent woman with a fine ear. She succeeded in her first trial at Higgins' mother's house and then, at the end of the six- months period, she fascinated everyone with her speech at an Embassy ball. The Ambassador's wife praised her along with the rest of the guests who were also taken by her beauty and   thought by Nepomuuck, Higgins' former student, to be a Hungarian princess.

Later, Higgins insults Eliza by claiming that this task was boring to him. Eliza felt unappreciated and burst in Higgins' face after throwing him with his slippers. Both of them leave the room angrily. She packs her things and leaves to his mother's house after she's realized that Higgins would always consider her as a flower girl.
Eliza's disappearance scared Higgins and made him rush to his mother's house looking for her....