English Monologue
Mr Doolittle
(pg 41-43) (44 start)
(impatient and annoyed) Questioning me on every part! Always talking about taking her away. Like I’m going to stand in the way of my girls light (shrugging his shoulders).
(standing there confused) stupid Higgins, I can never understand what he’s saying. Half of the time he’s busy making a joke of everything I say. But there’s no point arguing because he’s the only way out for Eliza. She needs to do something with her life; I can’t drag her around day and night for the rest of my life.
(messing around); All I asked of Higgins was five pounds, but that just didn’t seem reasonable enough. He wanted to give me ten when I only asked for five. Ten pounds seemed just too much for me, I only really want five pounds: not a penny more, and not a penny less.   Money Money Money who really cares (shrugs shoulders). That Higgins is just jealous, no wonder why he keeps making fun of me. Selling my daughter for 50 pounds to a gentleman like Higgins sure makes me feel obliged (laughs). If Liza is going to benefit from this then shouldn’t I as well Higgins?   (shameless)
(blabbering) Higgins is impatient and doesn’t let go of a chance when it comes to singling out someone. Never getting a chance to say what I feel is right. It’s all because he is middle class giving him the right to be up himself and become richer by the day. But who cares about middle class people. I couldn’t care less if you really ask me.
I don’t want any Eliza back, I’m just an undeserving poor that needs a bit of amusement. Stupid Higgins knows everything about me but acts like he knows nothing . All these middle class people are too nice (rolls eyes). I’m not pretending to be deserving. I’m undeserving and I want to stay that way. I enjoy the life I have right now, I don’t see the need to change anything in my life at this point in time. I don’t want Eliza and I don’t want Higgins money as well, it really means nothing to me.
The lower class may not...