Public Punishment

Public punishment, is it right or wrong? In many peoples opinion they may find it to be right. “That person did the crime, why not let everyone know what they did. They should have thought about it before they did the crime...”   is what some may think when someone speaks of public punishment and it being wrong. But also there is a group that believe that public punishment is wrong. What are the benefits of public punishment? Everyone knows about the crime and everyone knows that the punishment went forth. But, is this really necessary to do? No, this is not necessary. Cultures worldwide have sought to enact justice through public humiliation; however, these punishments are ineffective, embarrassing, and cruel.
There was a case that took place in Delaware and a man had 10 prior convictions before this specific one. In Delaware Superior Court Judge Jan R. Jurden ordered that a 69 year old man (Teeter) to wear a shirt that states he is a registered sex offender. Teeter exposed himself repeatedly to a 10 year old girl in his workplace. So, he had to wear a shirt with bold letters that stated “I am a registered sex offender” for 22 months after he gets out of jail. His jail sentence was for 2 months. Jail time was the   correct answer, and him not being allowed to be around kids because he had 10 prior convictions before this one. But   wearing the shirt, was too crazy and wild for a judge to sentence for that specific case, because most people in today’s society would think of the shirt as being a joke. (“O’Sullivan”)
Public punishment is very cruel, and can even be looked at as a way of dehumanization. A way public punishment can be looked at as dehumanizing is by making the person do something that they would not normally do or something they would not normally wear. In the case of Teeter who had to wear a shirt which states “I am a registered sex offender.”(“O’Sullivan”) This takes away this man’s human qualities and identity to dress the way one pleases to dress....