Public vs. Private


      “Which school is best for my child?” Parents often ask this question along with whether a private or public school is better. My parents chose to send me to a public school for the past 17 years of my education. Only recently did they look at the pros and cons of each type of school. Their final decision was to send me to a private boarding school. After experiencing only a few months of private school, I notice the differences with the curriculum, the environment, and the attitude of students about their education. Similar to a private school, public schools offer many extra curricular programs and other opportunities for students to move ahead.
Having been educated in a public school for 17 years, some may say I’m brought up differently from those who have gone to only private schools. Regarding what can be taught in public schools they can only teach subjects that the state allows. Certain topics not to be taught are religion and sexual practices. On the other hand, a private school can teach anything and in whatever way.   Both private and public high schools require a certain amount of credits in major subjects like English, Math, and Science to qualify for graduation. When I was in a public high school, the curriculum was based on the textbooks provided to the school. Everything I learn now in my current school, the teachers don’t resort to the textbooks for work.
A big eye–opener to parents is the standards each school has for whom they accept and whom they do not. A private school has the right to accept or reject any student they want and they don’t need to explain their decision. Public school must accept all students. There are very few exceptions when it comes to rejecting students. Really bad behavior would be a reason why public school would not allow the student into the school. For new students both private and publics schools review transcripts before accepting them into the school.
When looking for the right school a parent...