Should Jails Be in the Private or Public Sector

Stefan Wolf Staertzel
Thursday, September 16 2010
Should Jails be publically or privately owned?
Should Jails be in the Public or Private Sector? The Public Sector is the area of nation’s affairs under governmental control rather than private control, when the Private Sector is the area of nations economy under private control rather than governmental. A Jail in most cases is ran by the government and ran by the public sector, except for some exceptional privately controlled jails. So the question is, should a prison/jail be run by the private or public sector?
Pros and Cons: Public vs. Private
Public Limited Companies are companies that are able to raise large amounts of money by selling its shares to the public. This means that the company is on the stock market, can raise money by selling shares, publicize their company, and can dominate the market if shares are sold. The public sector is ran by the government and receives its income from taxes. The public sector can work in synergy where all parts work together and therefore, run more efficient. Disadvantages of PLC’s are that once shares are sold they lose control due to stock market, and eventually the entrepreneur looses complete control of his company. If media talks poorly of your company, shares won’t be sold, and if the media talks highly of the company, your company will sell more shares and increase their income. It takes at least 75,000 dollars to start business, hence making it expensive to set up in stock market. Lastly, competitors and investors have access to your company’s information and can use it to their advantage. Disadvantage of public sector is the government makes all decisions and employees have no input, and expensive to run due to employment costs and maintenance of infrastructure and governmental facilities.
Private vs. Public Jails
Private Prisons argue that the private companies can operate prisons at lesser costs than the government, without reducing the quality of the...