Pttls Unit 1


Role, Responsibilities and boundaries.
I teach City & Guilds 6218 Plumbing to inmates at HMP Birmingham. They are male student’s who’s ages range from 18 to 60 years, Coming from a variety of different cultural and social backgrounds with a widely differing range of literacy, numeracy and vocational skills. As a teacher I must show that I’m both experienced and competent to deliver the course I’m teaching. My role is to create a safe learning environment to establish open and trusting relationships. Recording changes by completing relevant admin ensures records are up to date in order to evaluate changes to forthcoming aims and objectives.
Boundaries such as the appropriateness of the teacher/learner relationship and disciplinary lines for misconduct are strong ethical issues which are at the core of every teacher. Students are made aware of these ground rules during induction and the consequences if they are not adhered to.

The teaching/ training cycle provides a cohesive structure within which roles, responsibilities and boundaries can be assessed and reflected upon. The structure of the cycle is such that a balanced teacher will multitask stages in a constantly evolving way. This ensures that teacher and students’ reflective growth of role, responsibilities and boundaries remains core to reaching a greater understanding of the aims and objectives relating to development with the course.
Role that learners see me is as a teacher, a tutor, a supportive & assertive mentor and knowledgeable instructor.
There are five points to teaching cycle which are:
1. Identify Learning
needs & planning
2. Designing
3. Facilitating
4. Assessing
5. Evaluating

The Teaching

I will be discussing below the training cycle with regarding my roles, responsibilities and boundaries.

Identify needs
By completing an enrolment form and initial assessment I would be aware of any special needs that required additional support....