Pttls Unit 008

Unit 008 – Roles, Responsibilities and Relationship in Lifelong Learning.
1.3 Evaluate own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning

I consider my main role as a teacher is to teach my subject which I am enthusiastic and passionate about – art, especially painting, and drawing. I feel as a teacher I should teach my subject in the way that actively involves, engages my students and motivates them to learn, practice and develop their skills further.
As A. Gravells states “Communication is the key to encouraging student motivation and respect, managing behavior and disruption, and becoming a successful teacher. It should always be appropriate and effective, and to the level of your students. You can help maintain motivation and good behavior by including all students during discussions and activities, keeping your sessions active wherever possible and teaching your subject in an interesting and challenging way.” Also effective teaching means not only approaches I use to teach my subject, but many other factors that go before and after the taught session.
The teaching and learning cycle, which I also relate my role as a teacher includes identifying needs, planning learning, and facilitating learning, assessing learning, quality assurance and evaluation. All stages should be related to teaching and learning to be effective and the cycle can started at any stage and keep on doing.
Indentifying needs involves me in such activities as finding out what my organisation, my own and potential students’ needs are, carrying out initial assessments, following organisational policies and procedures, attending promotional events to publicise the programme, undertaking CRB checks and others.
Planning learning means I have to prepare a scheme of work, session plans and teaching and learning materials and activities to ensure I cover the requirements of the syllabus, agreed individual learning plans, create a safe, positive and accessible learning environment for...