Pttls Task 1a

As a teacher my primary role would be to ensure that every person who comes to me receives the best possible level of training or information that I can give them. My responsibilities will include in the first instance ensuring that I have attained information from, or completed an initial assessment to gain a level of knowledge about my learners needs. I can then use any information from the assessment to adapt or make changes to the session being delivered, whether it be methods, environment or resources. When creating training and information courses / sessions it is important to ensure that the information to be imparted is laid out in a way that these adaptations are easy to put in. Although the information being delivered may be a standard package individuals needs need to be accommodated. This could be as simple as using more visual or activity based teaching.
When delivering a course I must always ensure that I demonstrate professional behaviour and ensure that I am always fully up to date on any changes to rules, regulations or company policy.   Whilst there is always a place for humour in any environment is very important to ensure that it is not inappropriate.   Making the learning experience an enjoyable one is key, so a range of activities may be required to reach your learners who usually come under one of three learning groups. They being visual, aural or kinaesthetic (see, hear or do).   Being articulate and having clarity of voice is important to ensure your learners understand what is being said.

Task 1a contd:

Assessing your learners throughout the course will not only give the teacher an opportunity to ascertain the level of skills and or knowledge gained, but it an ideal chance to give praise alongside constructive and developmental feedback. Any learner who may be struggling can be identified and given extra support, either from teacher or by utilising another group member if appropriate. Methods of assessment can include observation of...