Pttls Task 1

Task 2 Legislation

It is important to keep up to date with changes to legislation and codes of practice.   This is something that you should constantly be doing throughout the year for my job I need to know about current legislation and codes of practice.
I keep up to date with most legislation and guidelines by using The Institute for Learning (IFL) for which I am a member.
Part of my role is as health and safety rep for my centre. This means I am constantly updated with changes to the law and good code of practice, this is through senior management, regular email updates and monthly team meetings.   I also attend an annual health and safety seminar in order to listen to talks from industry experts.
Prospect also has ongoing CPD throughout the year.   This is an excellent way of updating knowledge, learning from others and talking to experts in their field.   CPD logs are kept on the reflect website to show what we have done throughout the year.
One of the subjects I am currently teaching involves employment law.   This is a constantly changing subject, and with a new government now in place I have had to make sure that I am constantly checking government websites to ensure what I am teaching the learners is still relevant.
The way we teach is also governed by legislation and our company has a code of practice.   Whenever any of these change we usually take part in training sessions or have team meetings to discuss these changes and the impact they will have on us.
It is important to keep up to date, not to rely on you line manager to inform you, you should do it for yourself, always keep proof of your CPD and if you wish a reflective practice journal too.