The desire to achieve high performance increasingly determines the athletes resort todrugs to lifethreatening.
"Cancer sports world, " as it was called doping, all sportsincluded, the most common cause
of suspension of athletes.
Being very high requirements, some athletes get to resort to "drugs" banned andconsume all
kinds of doping substances to be able to "keep pace" with demands of others.
Most men are prone to doping, especially those who practice sports power. The most commonly
used substances are steroids (59%) and diuretics (18%), and most cases were detected Stanozolo.
Doping is the use of harmful substances in order to obtain better sport. Doping is not just about steroids but
there is a long list of doping substances, used in the various shooting sports from baseball to cycling and
football. In bodybuilding the use of dopingis just more evidence (to increase muscle mass), not necessarily
more frequent or more intense.
Stimulants increase alertness, vigilance, aggressiveness body, reduce the sensation of perception of fatigue,
loss of self-control and induce trial can lead to accidents. Of these, amphetamines are the worst reputation,
can even lead to deaths, especially in conditions of hyperthermia, exhausting effort (if Danish cyclist at the
Olympic Games in Rome,
Narcotics (heroin, morphine) and opioids (methadone, pentazocine, pethidine and related compounds)
decrease the pain perception threshold, producing euphoria and physical dependence, depressed respiratpry
function, producing drug abuse. the English cyclist Sympson in Tour de France 1987).
Anabolic testosterone agents derivatives such as dihydro-chloromethyltestosterone, metandienona, nandrolone
stanzol, DHEA etc are still used to increase muscle mass, muscle strength, power. The main adverse reactions
are: stunted growth in children and primary amenorrhea in girls before puberty if taken, physiological
changes heart, liver (cholestatic jaundice, liver tumors),...