Pttls Ground Rules

Ground rules

Explain the way in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others.

Ground rules are there to help you the learners know boundaries and rules within which to work, how these rules are set depends on where and who you are teaching or where your working. You can have ground rules set by the teacher or company or there can be ground rules as set by yourselves.
Ground rules come into two categories there are institutional and personal, Institutional are set by the college school etc and personal are set by the students the later also helps to identify students expectations of the course.

Mandatory ground rules are partly set out by the college or government and are legislation.
A good way of preparing for setting ground rules is to split the group up and ask them in their groups to write down on paper what they think the ground rules should be. Once this is done read out what has been put down and then work from this to form the ground rules for your group. Some rules to consider for ground rules are respect for others, switch off mobile phones, eating drinking in class, interrupting others, these are some of the ground rules to be considered when making them.

Once we have done the exercise on ground rules we can then sit down and start to set the ground rules for the class which will depend on the size of the class and also what subject we are doing, by doing it this way when it comes to enforcing the ground rules the learners have a greater say if anyone breaks the rules. As a teacher we should follow the ground rules in doing so setting an example of behaviour and respect to the pupils we are teaching.

It would be helpful if a copy of the ground rules was made up and copied and given to every learner to keep, so that they have a copy for reference if someone   is not keeping to the ground rules, it would also help if there was a copy of the ground rules up on the...