Pttlls Ground Rules

Ground Rules - Assignment 1.4

The term Ground Rules is used to describe the establishment of a code of conduct for course members to follow. To be fair of course the rules should apply equally to the trainer. The prime function is to underpin appropriate behaviour and respect for all present.

The ways in which the rules are established and agreed upon will vary depending on:

  1. The nature of the training.

  2. The length of the course.

  3. The age and maturity of the course participants.

Therefore on a commercial course for adults this could be as simple as the trainer outlining what would generally be regarded as acceptable actions and behaviour, such as timekeeping and mobile phone usage, and inviting course participants to agree that such actions are generally seen as reasonable.

On a longer course that is spread over a period of time or perhaps a weekend, and especially if the participants are of a younger age group, it might be more appropriate for the course members to agree a Group Contract devised by them. Input to this could be by either open discussion or individuals making anonymous written suggestions which are then announced to the group by the trainer and a consensus of opinion arrived at. In this manner, the trainer can also submit some suggestions of their own. Generally, when ground rules are determined in this manner, the group has ownership of them and are consequently more likely to abide by them.

The rules agreed should include such items as:

    • Timekeeping

    • Use of mobile phones and other personal items

    • Appropriate language/behaviour

    • Respect for other participants views and feelings

    • Timely completion of coursework