Ptll 1.4 Ground Rules

Ground Rules

Ground rules within a class are mutually agreed by the tutor and learners who attend the class.   This means that everyone in the class has responsibility and ownership of them and this enables them to feel part of a team.   The ground rules define certain values and behaviours that the learners will adhere to going forward. They also ensure smooth running of the class by addressing issues such as punctuality and constantly ringing mobile phones.

The ground rules for learners would be established within the first session of the learner group meeting each other.   They would be addressed early in the course sessions so that there is a common framework of behaviours and expectations going forward.

Time would dictate the method by which the ground rules are finally established.   In a workshop scenario, I would set out specific ground rules that I was happy with and show the list to the learners.   The learners would then have an opportunity to consider them and reword them if necessary. The final list would be produced when the whole group reaches a consensus.  

Where more time is available, I would ask each person to contribute an idea on a post-it-note as a starting point.   Similar ideas would then get grouped together for discussion.   The final outcome would then be a list of rules that have been reworded and owned by the learners.
As the ground rules address appropriate behaviour and respect for others, I would ask the learners to consider differences in gender, age, race, language and religion.   As a tutor, I am trying to create an atmosphere, which facilitates a good learning environment.   If everyone feels safe and is treated equally, this would be a good solid foundation for working together.

The list of ground rules needs to be displayed where all can see them and be reminded of their agreement to the rest of the group.

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