Ptlls Theory Q 1

City and Guilds 7303 Section 1
Theory Q1

Ground rules are the basic principles put in place to ensure and agreed standard of behaviour between the student body and the tutor.  
In an adult learning ground rules are ideally established with mutual agreement by the tutor setting a task for the students to create a list of rules that they feel are important to create a safe environment.   Encouraging the students to work in small groups and eventually holding an open discussion whereby encouraging all to contribute when discussing and deciding upon ground rules will ensure that all concerned has equal and fair input.  
Examples of ground rules could include arriving promptly for all sessions, having mobile phones off or on silent, not interrupting when a fellow student or the tutor is speaking and respecting the opinions of other students will set a basis of understanding of the type of behaviour that is required from each individual to maintain a safe and effective learning environment for all.   It is also important to students to be able to view the classroom as a safe place where they can experiment and explore their own ability.   For this reason confidentiality and a non-judgemental attitude from students and tutor is vital.
Arriving prepared and ready to learn as well as actively taking part in all group exercises and being willing to work with students with whom you are unfamiliar will assist the tutor in establishing strengths and weaknesses within the group which will lead to more effective delivery of the course.
Emphasising that as it is “they”, the students that have devised the list of ground rules it is up to each individual to ensure that they are adhered to.   Therefore having the ground rules displayed throughout the initial stages of the course will help remind the students what they agreed in the outset.   Should an incident occur where a student has contravened the agreed ground rules they can be referred back to thus encouraging the...