Ptlls Theory 5

Name: Andrew Grainger
Course: PTLLS Tuesday Night
Tutor: Roberta Hall

Theory Task 5 (Level 4) – Explain ways to embed elements of Functional Skills in your specialist area.

Functional Skills are commonly referred to as the core skills in English, Maths and ICT.
Developed to replace Key Skills, Functional Skills are seen as being vital in helping students gain useful, transferable skills in Maths, English and IT which will help prepare them for employment or further learning.
Functional Skills can be delivered as a ‘stand alone’ qualification, or as part of (or along side) other academic or vocational qualifications such Modern Apprenticeships or Diplomas.
The delivery methods for functional skills can vary between colleges, schools and training providers – there is no right or wrong way to deliver them, but each method can have its advantages and disadvantages. The main methods are:
    • Discrete. This is where functional skills are delivered separately from the students other subjects, usually by a dedicated team of functional skills tutors.
|Advantages:                                                     |Disadvantages:                                                 |
|Easier to track learners progress                               |Learners do not see the relevance of functional skills to their|
|                                                               |learning                                                       |
|Dedicated functional skills tutor/s                             |Learning may lack context with subject area                     |
|                                                               |Can have poor attendance – students do not see the importance   |
|                                                               |of functional skills                                           |

    • Embedded.   This is where functional skills are taught by tutors within the students usual study programme using opportunities...