Ptlls Theory 2

City and Guilds 7303
Assignment 2

My current role as an IT Tutor requires me to have an understanding of all current legislation, polices and procedures, in the work place. We have these in place so we have a guideline; it also protects staff and learners, whilst in the teaching environment.

Following are some key aspects of legislation and codes of practice relevant to my workplace.

Data Protection Act 1998: Each learner has their own file which holds personal and confidential information. I explain to each learner why we need this information (e.g.: Enrolment to the awarding body, Health and Safety). The files are kept in a cabinet which is locked. The keys are held and accessible only by the Principal and Support Tutor. I also explain how the data is used and if they allow permission on their initial registration form, for us to pass on their contact details to other relevant organisation that will continue to further support the learner’s in their training development (i.e. Literacy and Numeracy). I will also re confirm that this will be ok before any signposting or referrals to other organisation.

Disability Discrimination Act 1995: The learner provides details with regards to this act; they do have the option to “opt out” of providing this information however it is encouraged as we can provide various supporting aids, i.e. narrator and magnifier. The centres I work from are accessible to all; for example they have lifts and ramp access. The classroom is also set for any requirements; the desks have individual height settings and they are spaced appropriately. Each class has a lead and support tutor; each tutor has a role outlined on the lesson plan to ensure the learners have maximum support.

Racial Discrimination: Each class has a learning agreement and handbook agreed by all learners. This contains detailed guidelines and processes which are discussed with each learner. I ensure any materials provided by me or the learners are...