Ptlls Theory 1

Assignment A

Analyse different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners which underpin behaviour and respect for others.

There are three different ways in which I could establish ground rules these are;
In house, Group agreement and Tutor in position, it is important to establish ground rules on the first session of the course this is to set the standard for the whole course and students know what to expect. Without ground rules, disruption may occur and affect the learning of your group (Gravelles 2008 pg 7)
This quote I found when researching ground rules highlights the needs to establish ground rules.

The courses I will be teaching involve the use of ICT equipment therefore there will be in house rules to adhere to with regards to the computer equipment and health and safety, these will be important to announce to prevent to make sure the group does not break any of the rules which could jeopardise the course being held there in future.

With my courses being aimed at adults one of the best ways to set ground rules would be to include the group and write their ideas on the board, this is particularly good as it lets the group set the standard for themselves and it then becomes self policing as it is ‘their’ rules, this would need to be kept on track by the tutor or inappropriate answers might be added to the rules, these rules need to be agreed by everyone or majority of the group. This way takes time but rather than being the tutors expectations they become what the group expects and are more likely to be accepted. This is also important as it gives the tutor chance to ask the students their expectations of the tutor to add to the rules. I found this quote from researching on the internet. Before you create ground rules, explain their purpose and the reason you have chosen to create them as a group rather than simply stipulating them yourself.

Tutor led rules...