Ptlls Level 3 Assignment 1: Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries

Level 3: Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching / training cycle

My role is Site Supervisor, working with young people aged 13 to 16, helping them to gain an ASDAN Employability Award. The young people undertake a 12 week course one day a week. During this time they work as part of a team, converting a derelict area into a community garden whilst working towards their accreditation.

It is essential to establish ground rules early on so the young people are aware of their boundaries; this is best done by leading by example, working within policies such as Health and Safety as well as Equal Opportunities. Likewise it is important to demonstrate the need for good punctuality and attendance. At the same time we must let them know where our role as teacher ends. Working within the Child Protection policy lets us know the boundaries of what is expected of us as a teacher and what information would need to be disclosed.

First in the teaching cycle we need to identify their needs. This can involve determining their existing knowledge and skills, previous experience and level of functional skills. This information can all be gained from their referral forms as well as their initial meeting with us at their induction. We can also determine what their expectations of the course are, their motivation for coming to us, as well as their preferred learning style.

Next is planning the learning sessions. It is important to have a clear session aim giving a broad statement of intent, with clear objectives and outcomes saying what the learner will be expected to be able to do to demonstrate that the relevant learning has occurred. It is also important to plan the sessions taking into account what we have found out by identifying their needs, and that they are being taught at the relevant level. This is very important at Hyde Park Source as we work with people with a very wide range of needs.