Describe and evaluate the work of one major
Psychologist you have studied

In this essay it is my aim to discuss and evaluate the works of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), who is one of the most memorable major psychologists in history.
Sigmund Freud was born in a place called Moravia, (now currently a part of the Czech Republic) in the year of 1856.   Freud was from a middle class family and was the eldest of the 8 children.   He went to school in Vienna, and spent almost all his years there.   After leaving school he went on to further his education and went to medical school in Vienna, studying Physiology.
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Whilst studying he met a German psychologist called Ernst Brucke (1819-1892), and he was to influence Freud’s future thinking.   Freud eventually qualified as a Neurologist, and turned his interests to hysteria, (neurological symptoms with no neurological basis), and also hypnosis, these two subjects would feature in his later studies.   Freud was most renowned for his Psychodynamic theories to Psychology studying many diverse areas.
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Psychodynamic: refers to active forces within the personality that motivates certain behaviours
Freud wanted to give theories on aspects on all human behaviours, but never achieved this, so his works were split into 5 categories of his most important areas, the Conscious/Unconscious, and Pre-Conscious, Libido, the Id, Ego, and Superego, Psychosexual development, and Defence mechanisms.
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One of the areas that Freud looked at was the Conscious/ Pre-Conscious and the unconscious mind. He compared the mind to that of an analogy of an iceberg, which now people see as an inadequate comparison, as it is implying that it is a rigid object rather than fluid.
Ref (Psychology handout)
The mind was split into 3 layers, with The Conscious starting at the top, followed by The Pre-Conscious and...