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Intervention for high anxiety levels

From the 6 questionnaires handed out to the first team then another to the seconds team, the following will show what results came back on anxiety levels in the different teams.
As you can see from the results from the questionnaires in the appendices, the first team questionnaires are fairly similar and same for the second team. This could be the reason why they play for the team in this club that they do.

Sports and performance anxiety often go hand-in-hand. Have you ever "choked" during an important sporting event or felt your nerves get in the way of your athletic performance? While many athletes become "pumped up" during competition, when the rush of adrenaline is interpreted as anxiety, and negative thoughts begin to swirl, it can have devastating effects on your ability to perform. Before you learn how to manage the symptoms of anxiety during competitions, it is important to understand the relationship between anxiety and athletic performance.
Some types of athletes are more prone to feeling the effects of anxiety on performance. Amateur athletes are more likely than seasoned professionals to experience anxiety that interferes with their ability to perform in competition -- this makes sense due to their relative lack of experience both in competition and in managing arousal.
Athletes who participate in individual sports have also been found to experience more anxiety than those who play team sports. Common sense suggests that being part of a team alleviates some of the pressure experienced by those who compete alone.
Finally, there is evidence that in team sports, when a...