Abusive Behavior
The psychodynamic perspective seems to be one way that abusive behavior can be explained or why humans commit acts of violence. The psychodynamic perspective observes the underlining reasons for human behavior. This means that psychologists focus on the unconscious mind, feelings, emotions and childhood or earlier years of a person’s life. This perspective also focuses on thought process, response patterns and influences in your life. For example, if a person was abused as a child they could bare a lot of resentment and anger towards their abuser and about life period. This abused person could or would then project the abuse on to others. They could also be harboring their feelings about the situation which could cause aggression towards others. The psychodynamic perspective tries to get to the source of said behavior.
The human behavior of being a free spirit
The humanistic perspective explains why we as humans have such free spirits and the “I will try anything once” attitude. Humans love to experience new things, learn new things and we love the ability we have to make our own choices and decisions. This is what the humanistic perspective focuses on. Ever hear of the phrase “its human nature?” Well it really is. The humanistic perspective emphasizes a person’s worth and suggests that we are responsible for our own joy and security. This idea reminds me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Humans have a desire to achieve their goals and reach their highest potential.
Emotional Behavior and Maladaptive
The evolutionary perspective is important when providing information to others. Our communication system, like language and facial expressions regulate the transmission of information or not. When we are scared or in fear of something because we see it and our mind is telling us to frightened or protective because it could possibly harm us. We have a natural instinct to survive when put in certain situations. This also goes for animals. That is why...