Associate Level Material
Appendix A

Meditation Worksheet

Directions: Locate two resources on the Internet that explain meditation techniques.

• Enter the name of each website into the matrix, then copy and paste the web address.
• After reviewing the website, provide a brief summary for each source.
• Below your summary, list two interesting facts you learned from each site.
• Try the techniques you located in your Internet search. Provide a brief description of what happened in your experience.

When you are finished filling out the matrix, answer the two questions below.

|Information           |Website 1                                                 |Website 2                                                 |
|Website name and       |                   ||
|address (URL):         |                                                         |n.htm                                                     |
|Summary of the         |This website is pretty much offering you the sense of     |This site gives you a couple different ways of learning   |
|resource:             |security and awareness when you use this meditation       |how to meditate. One of the ones that caught my interest |
|                       |technique. It gives you tips on how to go about this     |was he Altered state of consciousness.                   |
|                       |technique and how it can be beneficial.                   |                                                         |
|Two interesting       |“The Transcendental Meditation technique is based on the |“Meditation increases brain activity in an area of the   |
|facts:                 |ancient Vedic tradition of enlightenment in India.”       |brain associated with happiness and positive thoughts and|
|                       |                                                         |emotions.”...