Trust vs. Mistrust
Natasha Griffin
July 17, 2011
Marie Dube’

Trust vs. Mistrust

At this age you are 0-18 months old. This is from when you are born through when you are a baby. You start to walk at this age. Your main relationship is with your mother. You are developing the most in your life at this point. You are sleeping, being comforted, and eating. You are going to see some people/things that you trust or like and some that you don’t.
We learn to trust that life is basically okay and have basic confidence in the future. If we fail to experience trust and are constantly frustrated because our needs are not met, we may end up with a deep seated feeling of worthlessness and a mistrust of the world in general.
Can you imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t trust anybody and nobody trusted you?

Being trustworthy gains respect from other individuals and enable them to form deeper friendships with you.

In the dictionary Trust means ‘to believe’ and to have honesty about someone. The opposite of Trust is Mistrust and this is ‘to have doubts about the honesty and abilities of someone.

Can you imagine if you went to work every day without trusting you would be paid? Or agreeing to marry someone without believing that they would turn up at the alter? If you are a sportsperson, could you imagine not trusting your team-mates? Being able to live and operate every day is a matter of trust, trust bonds almost everything we do and we don’t only need to have trust in other people, but we must trust ourselves.

Having confidence in ourselves is vitally important, when we can trust ourselves we will become trusted by other people and we will learn to reciprocate and trust them too.

We are all born with a certain amount of confidence in ourselves, but we are all born with a lot of trust in others.

It is unfortunate that the society that we live in today has become burdened by situations where we cannot afford to trust everyone,...