There is nothing special u can do without understanding ur psychology,its science of mind it incorporates various aspects about functioning of human minds,it includes its aspiration,goals,desire e.t.c.
The science of mind like other sciences and branch of study develop to new hight,it has acquired several interesting studies and knowledge which has done by fello scholars of psychology over the period,psychology is not a subject that incorporates only theoretical and boring things,it include all the interesting and practical things.
How to tame ur mind?This is the question u have heard or not,but it exist u can tame ur mind like ur cow,its not so difficult as u r thinking,some discipline and monitoring required to tame ur mind.I think most of u thinking that how can we tame such object which tame us daily.
No problem friends u can do it,1st try to attempt analyse what ur mind think and how u daily work,we all have some similarity in our daily habbits like taking food,going to sleep,doing our toilet activities.
Just one thing u need to do is to do find out what u do daily and whats ur routine u should include all the aspects of every work u do including ur habbits.
1at define the habbits for u,habbits r firm rotted in mind that person do regularly and subconsciously like taking sleep after luch,taking drinks and smoking,Habbits have active acceptance by mind,when u have habbits u start doing thing without knowing and habbits normally takes resitance to recover becoz they r firmly rooted in ur mind.
we all have some bad habbits like smoking,drinking liquore.t.c,this habbits generally carried away d habbiters,this habbit r stime create distraction in life,in that period person start to thinks to leave particular habbit.
so understand the science of habbit u will find out the several ways to rectify them as soon u continously aware of them and remain in discipline to curb them,u should understand this bad habbits most of time waste person money,time and their...