Cicero’s definition of friendship makes us all wonder today what the true meaning of friendship really is. From reading Cicero’s belief of friendship it has made me question myself and think do I have real friends? And Am I a real friend? I believe in all of Cicero’s views about friendship. I that there are many different types of friendships. I believe there are those who love you and then there are those who support you and are there for you sometimes. I refer to those who are only there for you sometimes as acquaintances. Friendships that are not strong easily fail because of many factors such as lose in communication, you just letting them go, and or being to much of needy of a friend.
It’s a simple question that you should ask yourself every now and then. Are you a real friend? And who are your real friends? A real friend is a friend that is willing to do almost anything for you, because they care about you, and they love you. Cicero believes that real friends are hard to find. Which is true if you think about it. At the end of your life you could just have one or two true friends that really care about you. Friendships are valuable and that’s what makes it so hard to find a good friend. Cicero says, “ For friendship is nothing other than the harmony of all divine and human things, established in good will and love” (Cicero, page 7).   Cicero is trying to explain to us that there really is nothing better in the world than a good friend with good will and love to offer. I believe that really there is nothing better than to have a friend that loves you and will be there for support no matter what.   I only have two true friends and I am so thankful for them, so far they both have been there whenever I have needed them.   Though there is a time when we have to just let our friends go, and friendships then fail.
Friendships that are not strong can easily fail due to lack of communication, keeping score, too needy of a friend, or because that person has gone away...