Psychology of Music Teaching

Music Psychology for Musicians

Donald A. Hodges University of North Carolina at Greensboro and David C. Sebald University of Texas at San Antonio

Music Psychology for Musicians, p. 2

MUS IC PS YCHOLOGY FOR MUS ICIANS Donald A. Hodges1 and David C. Sebald2 1 University of North Carolina at Greensboro 2 University of Texas at San Antonio Chapter 1. What is Music Psychology? A Brief Tour of the Model of Music Psychology Contributions from Sociology Contributions from Anthropology Contributions from Biology Contributions from Philosophy Contributions from Physics Contributions from Psychology Contributions from Education Contributions from Music Chapter 2. The History and Literature of Music Psychology A Very Brief History of Music Psychology An Overview of the Literature in Music Psychology Library and Online Resources Music Psychology Periodicals Music Psychology Organizations Chapter 3. Music Psychology and Music Philosophy General Philosophical Ideas Music and the Universe The Science of Beauty Experimental Aesthetics The Golden Mean and Mathematical Influences A Philosophical Paradigm Shift in Music Psychology Music as a Way of Knowing Knowledge Gained through a Musical Knowledge System Implications of Music as a Human Knowledge System Conclusion Chapter 4. The Nature of Human Musicality The Musical Significance of Human Nature Biological Differences Adaptability Cultural Evolution Symbolic Behaviors

Music Psychology for Musicians, p. 3 Love Play Religion Technology Knowledge Aesthetic Sensitivity Summary Concluding Statement Chapter 5. Acoustical Foundations of Music Defining Sound Important Parameters of Sound Measuring and Describing Sound Frequency Amplitude Waveform (Signal Shape) Time How Environment Affects Sound Transmission and Absorption Reflection Diffraction Refraction Interference Conclusion Chapter 6. The Ears and Music Listening The Hearing Mechanism Outer Ear Middle Ear Inner Ear From Ear to Brain The Auditory Cortex 7....