Psy 270 Appendix H

DSM-IV-TR Mental Disorders
Myah McCracken
Michelle Bailey

DSM-IV-TR Mental Disorders
Case Study 1- Schizoid Personality Disorder
Josephine is a 47-year-old single woman. The hardest times of the year for Josephine's family are holidays and family gatherings; Josephine never seems to enjoy herself. She seldom smiles, laughs, or reacts to people and events around her. She remains detached and often goes into a room and plays video games or watches television by herself, even when the rest of the family is eating. Her family members say that she is rude and do not want her around.
Josephine lives by herself. She has held several jobs, but lost them because of her inability to interact with others. Her cool demeanor makes her difficult to approach. Josephine has no significant relationship in her personal life and cannot name any close friends.
The possible cause for Josephine to have schizoid personality disorder is unknown because there is no known cause for this disorder. Some theorists believe the cause could be genetics, biologically, and psychologically. The treatment for this disorder can be cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, and drug therapy. (
Case Study 2- Narcissistic Personality Disorder
When 38-year-old Luis enters a room, everyone knows it. Shortly after making an entrance, Luis is sure to let everyone know about his successful business ventures, his many ideas for new inventions, and his latest expensive purchase. At the last office party, Luis sought out the CEO of the company and monopolized her time with accounts of his valuable contributions to the company.

Luis has no patience with others and is often described by his coworkers as a man who uses people to get what he wants. Although he has been an office assistant for 10 years, Luis is always impeccably dressed because he often says that one day he will be the CEO, and he insists...