Prospectives and Challenges in Accounting Education in Nigeria


BABALOLA, Yisau Abiodun (PhD Student)
Accounting and Auditing Department
Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University, Ukraine
Tel. No: +380637333596

This study employed the empirical survey to investigate the educational system at the higher institutions and professional levels in Nigeria. The role of Nigerian higher institutions is significantly provoked development of accounting profession. The educational system has evolved, but the relationship between the profession and the universities continues to be problematic for the accounting profession to achieve its goals in Nigerian economic development. There is a weak nexus between instruction, practice and research, lack of balance of theory and practice in curriculum, University rules and regulations are rigid and no dedicated effort for doctoral research. Accounting professional bodies are at rivalry and have little linkage with existing research findings and innovations in accounting. What is required is a dynamic development of curriculum, a good synergy of research and practice in Accounting.
Key Word:Prospects and Challenges; Accounting Education/Profession; Higher institution’s Curriculum

There are emerging concerns on how accounting profession should evolve itself to satisfy better the needs for professional development and of the society. It is a very fundamental question for accounting educators to purse and assess the extent of accounting research conducted and the nexus to quality of teaching and practice in accounting profession. Ruche (2007) opines that despite recent advances in the study and knowledge of the accounting profession, there has been very little research along these lines in developing countries. This is in part because of the relative youth of the accountancy profession.

Historically, they have been a weak interaction between an academic...