Nuclear Proliferation
1) Recognizing the potential and devastation of nuclear weapons, all states possessing nuclear weapons has 2 implement one of the following options: a) convert existing nuclear weapons into a purely non aggressive state as a means of nuclear energy. All nuclear weapons that are not utilized in the conversion process must adhere to option b
b) hand them over to the UN where the assembly, as a collective body will decide when a situation merits the use of nuclear weapons to eliminate threats that disturb continued world order and peace.

2) All member states must adhere to random annual searches by the IAEA (international Atomic Energy Agency) to ensure that countries which are not permitted to possess nuclear weapons do not possess or are currently undergoing plans to develop nuclear weapons. Any country found to be in violation of these rules are to suffer a no trade embargo until the IAEA reports that the weapons have either been disposed of or relinquished to the security of the United Nations.

3) Vetoing Power granted to the permanent members of the Security Council: The US, UK, France, Russia and China are non-void when it comes to the proposal of action and after final agreements have been made by General Assembly concerning the use of Nuclear Weapons commandeered by the United Nations thus allowing equity and preventing political bias by these fellow member states.

Human Trafficking
1) Each member state contributes a standard 5% of its annual GDP to form and maintain a committee, Global Anti-Human Trafficking Committee (GAHTC) which will oversee the issue of human trafficking internationally and work with governments whose countries are affected by Human Trafficking. The committee will be globally recognized as one belonging to the United Nations and will have its own international law enforcement department and in which it can aid in preventing and ultimately eliminating Human Trafficking in afflicted countries....