Project Management Email

Dear Ray Gritsch,
The team has performed an analysis the projects Juniper, Palomino, and Stargazer.   Based on the analysis the team has decided that the project code name Palomino is the best project to implement because for different reasons it has the best suitability for Piper Industries Corporations. The first reason that the project code name Palomino is the best suitable for the Piper Industries Corporation is that the existing technology will be used making the fusibility of the project high.   Using existing technology minimizes hurdles or difficulty in the project. The second reason that the project code name Palomino is best suited for the Piper Industries Corporations is that the risk in this project is medium instead of high.
The following phases will be used to complete the project:
  1. Project conception and initiation
The conception of the project is that the project is a new line widget product including enhancements through the use of existing technology.
The initiation of this project will be upon the approval of the project by the CEO.  
2. Project definition and planning
Stage two of the project is making a project plan.   The project plan will be completed by the project team with the consultation of the technicians and experts.   The project plan will be in writing and will be well defined.  
3. Project launch or execution
The project plans and task will be discussed amongst all team members and the task will be divided among the project team.
4. Project performance and control
The project manager will be the leader of the project.   His or her task will be to monitor performance and control.   All project team members are responsible in evaluating each other and helping the team to perform better together.
5. Project close
The project will be closed only upon completion of the project, evaluation of the project, and client approval of the project.  
The deliverables associated with the selected project are that the widget...