Program Logic

Program Logic Formulation

Computer Software
• Refers to all computer programs or
routines which direct and control the
computer hardware in the performance
of its data processing functions.

Major Categories of Software
• Application software
• System software

Application Software
• A software that perform a specific task
for computer users (e.g., Word

System Software
• A software that was designed to help
programmers or to control the computer
system (e.g. OS; programming tools:
translators, debuggers, editors).

Systems Analysis
• The computer age equivalent of the
scientific method.
• In systems analysis, the problem is
defined and analyzed and solutions are
recommended to management.
• This process has been formalized and
called the Systems Analysis and Design

System Definition
• A collection of people, machines, &
methods organized to accomplish a set
of specific functions.
• An integrated whole that is composed of
diverse, interacting, specialized
structures and subfunctions.
• A group of subsystems united by some
interaction or interdependence,
performing many duties but functioning
as a single unit.

Computer-based IS
• A computer-based information system
fits all three definitions. It involves
people, machines, and methods
(procedures & data); it behaves as an
integrated whole; and most information
systems are composed of a group of

General Systems Theory
• Provides another way of defining a
system – as a collection of inputs,
outputs, and processor activities with
feedback, a boundary, and an

Systems Analyst
• A person trained in the analysis of
complex business system, which
typically involve a computer-based
information system.

Systems Development Life Cycle
• SDLC is used to describe the steps or
phases a system goes through from the
time it is conceived until it is phased out
of existence.
• The names and number of...