Professor Macky

How is a feeling of suspense created
Through the narrative & Technical
Codes in ‘Band of Brothers’?

In the clip of ‘Band of Brothers’ suspense is conveyed to the audience in a number of ways.   One way in which suspense is portrayed is through a close up. One of the characters is holding a crucifix in the palm of his hand and the camera has a close up shot of this crucifix as he is moving in his hand before he is about to get on a plane with all his military equipment. The use of the crucifix infers that that character is religious and the fact that he is holding it could suggest that he needs the power of Christ and god to get him through the impending events. This thus indicates that he is going to into a dangerous event as he needs the help of Christ and the use of the close up camera shot accentuates this indication that this man will face considerable danger and will need the help of Christ. Or another interpretation could be that the man isn’t religious but he has turned to religion in this time of need so that makes us quite sympathetic of the character. As this shot is polysemic it means that it has more interpretations and another one is that   .This cause us the audience to feel suspense as we do not know what the fate of this character will be.
Suspense is also conveyed through the narrative codes such as an enigma code. Through the clip the soldiers are moving equipment into aeroplanes this is conveyed through a panoramic shot also we see the soldiers preparing themselves like praying or holding a crucifix, however it is not said what they are preparing for. This creates the enigma code in which we are asking ‘what are they preparing for?’ Enigma codes allow the audience to question certain aspects of a film. Within film, the use of the enigma is much more common in the horror and drama genres. These are films that rely strongly on suspense to generate the right effect on the audience, and enigma codes help to enhance this. We assume it is...