Professional Working

My interpretation of Interprofessional working is: The roles of nurses and social workers in the management and delivery of care.
“Partnership is a state of relationship, at organizational, group, professional or interpersonal level to be achieved, maintained and reviewed, and a cornerstone of policies to modernize health and social services”. (Glendinning, 2000; Robinson & Cottral, 2005) Partnership is not only about different   professionals working together, but it implies a shared commitment to work with and on behalf of service users and cares. (Clarke 2000)
Positivity of Partnership
It gives room for empowerment and opportunities for learning.
It promotes self –esteem.
It promotes Independence.
It increases self worth and builds confidence.
It allows better and dependable services.
It encourages anti- oppressive services.
Negativity of partnership
Service user becomes lost.
Lack of understanding of each others roles.
Fear caused by professional protectionism.
Unequal distribution of power between the different agencies involved hinders working relationships.
Different organisational cultures, jargon’s, and location’s.
Poor communication and different styles of record keeping.  
Time consuming.    
  (Hudson 2002;West and Poulton 1997
Communication is an activity which has to be performed and practised. It is a central feature of interaction, a two way process, the essence of cooperation and participation. Communication is about the exchanges of messages and building messages into a relationship (Carnaby 2002).

This ecological model clearly states that individuals and their environments should never be understood separately from each other; for although human development is often portrayed as a choice between ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ this approach makes it clear that “human development is best understood as the product of an indivisible mix of nature and nurture.” (Jack and Jack 2000, p95) In this approach social workers are often...