Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Developing Professional Knowledge and Abilities
DJ Pijut
September 17th, 2011
University of Phoenix

Developing Professional Knowledge and Abilities
Career success for an information technology professional can be determined   by the ability to improve professional knowledge and abilities constantly. Information Technology (IT) is an ever-growing industry. Even after an IT professional receives a Bachelor's degree,   the development of professional knowledge and abilities will never cease. As technology changes, the Internet has become the easiest and most convenient way for professionals to stay current on the advancements. One association that can be found online, which is for IT Professionals, is the International Association for Computer Information Systems (IACIS).   According to "International Association For Computer Information Systems" (2003), "It is a nonprofit association founded in 1960 and dedicated to the improvement of information systems and the education of information systems and computer professionals."  
The IACIS publishes   an A* ranked journal called the Journal of Computer Information systems (JCIS). That journal is published four times a year and has a 12-13% acceptance rate ("International Association For Computer Information Systems" 2003). The research and ideas are approved by using a refereed journal process. The refereed journal review process ensures that everything published is valid, accurate, and up-to-date with current technology. The opportunity to read this journal will assist an IT Professional with staying current on challenges that IT organizations face today. Another journal that IACIS publishes is Issues with Information Systems (IIS). This journal is registered with the Library of Congress and has an acceptance rate of 60% ("International Association For Computer Information Systems"...