Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper
Otis N. Carolina
GEN 200
August 24, 2010
Gregory Taylor

Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper
      The professional organization of interest for this paper will be The National Association of Social Workers (NASW).   Established in 1955, the National Association of Social Workers primary function is to promote the professional development of its members, establish and maintain professional standards of practice, advance sound social policies, and provide services to protect members and enhance their professional abilities, positioning, and status (
      To assist in increasing members’ professional knowledge and abilities the association has drafted and approved a Code of Ethics, developed Specialized Practice Standards, Professional Certification and Specialization Programs, Continuing Education Programs, and a National Association of Social Workers Jobs Link.   These are just a few of many resources provided to increase members’ professional knowledge and abilities, and career success.   The NASW also publishes books, professional journals, and reference works.
      Each of these initiatives serves a specific function in the efforts of affecting the career success of every member.   The Code of Ethics serves to guide members’ professional conduct.   It sets forth the purpose and guides the ethical principle and standards for which all social workers are to follow.   The Specialized Practice Standards gives the guidance require for members to become proficient in specific areas of social work practice.   It eliminates vagueness and possibilities of malpractice.
      The Professional Certification and Specialty, and Continuing Education Programs give members the opportunity to achieve the credentials needed and required for practice in social work.   This increases their opportunities for advancement as well as keeping them aware of developing and innovative practices in treatment,...