Process to Writing

In early 2008, an opportunity for advancement within the company that I work for became available.   In order to be considered a candidate for a promotion, I would have to write a Letter of Intent to the Human Resources Manager.   I knew that the letter would need to contain some specific information about me.   I am going to explain how I composed the letter and what process I used while doing so.   First and foremost, I followed three processes (planning, translating, and reviewing).   My first step in planning to write the Letter of Intent was logging into the company website to research all the information that I would need to include in the letter.   In my opinion, the planning process is the most important process to writing since it is very important that one gets their thoughts and ideas together.   I also talked with my manager and collaborated with another supervisor on how to compose the letter of intent.   During the planning process I took notes to get my thoughts together.   After I was able to effectively plan and felt comfortable with all my information for the letter, I then moved to the translating process.  

Translating is similar to drafting.   I felt pretty confident and was now ready to type my Letter of Intent.   I composed my letter mainly from memory; However, I referred back to my notes and the company website to make sure I didn’t leave anything out.   I then started typing away on my computer.   Upon completion, I moved to the final process which is the reviewing process.  

The reviewing process led me to change a few words and took out some sections.   I also changed a couple phrases.   As I was proofreading my letter, I was looking for grammatical errors as well as typographical inconsistencies.   An effective letter can only be composed if one follows the three processes.   Finally, I printed my Letter of Intent and had my wife proofread it prior to submitting it to the Human Resources Manager.