Process Design Matrix & Summary

Process Design Matrix and Summary

Process Design Matrix and Summary
“This process design matrix identifies/ highlights process design approaches for a service- Value Place Extended Stay and a product- John’s pizza. The summary includes service approaches that consist of production line and personal attention approaches. It also discusses product approach- assembly line that helps speedy process performance.” (UOPx, 2014).
The service picked for the process design matrix is Value place extended stay (Hotel). It is located in different major cities across the country. It provides accommodation to guests ranging from one week to three months, single or double bed room with a kitchen and laundry room facility. The chosen product is John’s pizza that is available at the local pizza corner/stall in LA, to go facility. Typically has a kitchen for pizza production process and a counter (cash section and pizza assembly station or order counter).
According to Jacobs & Chase, “Product design differs significantly, depending on the industry” (2011). Process design plays an important part to enhance the success of any company/ organization. It starts with proper planning which further progresses or develops through research and strategy. The product and service (Hotel & Pizza) picked differ in many aspects but are designed to get cost effective system and aim for high quality performance and customer satisfaction. (Please refer the Appendix- Process Design Matrix table attached below).
Usually we differentiate the two by saying that the service is skill of the service provider who focuses on the interaction, understanding the needs and expectation of the customers. Product is more about technical skills to produce quality product which meets the customers demand.
Value Place & John’s pizza
Customer contact normally vary between the services and products. But in the current scenario they both follow the trend in a...