Process Design Matrix

Process Design Matrix
Executive Summary
Prepaid food services and car are selected as a service and product for identifying suitable process design approaches. For managing effective services and delivering on-site service, there are three types of contrasting approaches including product line approach, the self-service approach and the personal attention approach (Larson & Gray, 2006).
Product Line Approach: The main focus of this approach is on the efficient production of results or services. In this approach, the company controls the execution of each outlet in order to ensure rapid delivery and high-quality mix of prepaid foods in an environment of cleanliness (Chase, et al. 2006). For ensuring the effective delivery of prepaid food services, this approach will be beneficial for the company. It is because through this the company will be able to deliver good quality of services to the customers.
Self-service Approach: As per this approach, by involving customers in the production of services, the efficiency of service process can be enhanced. E-tickets, Automatic teller machines, company websites, etc. are some approaches that shift the burden to the consumer (Larson & Gray, 2006). This design approach will also be supportive of the food company, in terms of offering good quality of products to the customers as well as reducing time of service delivery (Chase, et al. 2006). For the reason, due to self-service approach the company will be able to focus on the delivery of effective and efficient services in a less period of time.
The personal Attention Approach: Beside the other approach, this approach emphasizes on developing a relationship between individual sales person and customers for ensuring effective customer services. Along with other approaches, the use of this approach will support the company to develop strong relationship and build customer loyalty.
Similarly, for managing the production of products, there are different types of design...