Problem Statement Paper

In this paper we will identify and discuss one of the issues surrounding Kudler Fine Food (KFF) as to how it impacts the business, possible efforts to resolve the issue and the opportunity available to KFF. We will use the UoP problem Solving model and Defining the problem materials in order to thoroughly consider all possible option for KFF to rectify the situation. Finally we will discuss Kudler Fine Food’s end goals and vision of the open opportunities where the business can develop and grow.

Problem Statement Paper
Kudler Fine Food needs to evaluate how the business is currently structured and restructure the business in a more efficient manner in order to meet the company goals.
Kathy Kudler is the owner and founder of Kudler Fine Food which has three locations in California. Kathy has adequate staff at each location including a manager and assistant manager for each store. Even though Kathy has hired employees from Managers to clerks it seems that no individual position has assumed responsibility for the position or shown signs of professional growth. Kathy will need to evaluate each position and retrain employees in order to provide her with the time she need to focus on the company’s goals and ensure each location is able to operate day to day with out her assuming the responsibilities.
Framing the problem
Kathy has taken on the responsibility of being the sole individual to track the inventory and place the orders in order to buy in bulk for better discounts. Kathy needs to evaluate the Manager and assistant managers responsibilities in order to determine if any of the individuals can fit into this role and assume the responsibilities of inventory and purchasing for all three locations.
End State Goals
Kudler Fine Food is researching a possible expansion into Carlsbad, California, however with Kathy’s current responsibilities she does not have enough time to properly research and begin to acquire and new site. The steady...