Create a Problem Statement

Create a problem statement
Two of the main issues that were clear in the KFF chapter and highlighted as weakness points in the SWOT analysis are limited geographic expansion and Del Mar location. From many topics that we covered in the last two weeks we can resume that Del Mar location can be related into one of the 4Ps which is the place, and limited geographic expansion is related to the management approach applied but as a common point both of them are related to the selection of a suitable geographical location which is an essential point to succeed in this business.
For the Del Mar location, it is not performing as expected due to the point that the town is too small to really support the store. It is clear that location is not only related to physically where it needs to be, but also some statistics related to environment and economic like population, income, and customer needs which are main factors to be taken into consideration to compare estimated revenue versus cost and to decide if potential location worth investment.
The other issue noted in KFF story is geographical limited expansion. It is true that in the chapter this point is related to the management approach done by Kathy but in this paper, we will highlight on the study to choose the correct location to expand business because even if the managerial assistance will be established by recruiting competent persons, another point need to be discussed which is how to choose convenient location otherwise the case of Del Mar might be repeated.
The issue of choosing convenient location in different area where expansion of business appear to be a potential opportunity need to be done following a proper study of different factor related to business, customer needs and capability. In an article where subject is facility location analysis, the writer explain importance of doing a proper planning and dimensioning to specify number of location needed in different places and also the process how to choose...